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Android Minimalist-Run : Online help page.

Background colors:
System appli
Vital app (can't be disabled)
Disabled appli
System app selected
Last selected
Stop in progress
Uninstalled appli
Service running
Flagged in system as running
Process is running

Simple touch on framed icon:
Open Application sub-menu

Long touch on icon:
Unlock Application  sub-menu
Yellow frame:
Last app launched in minimalistRun

Application sub-menu:
- Launch application
- Display process information and list of sub-activities
- Open android détails app window

Long touch on a choice:
Lock this choice for the next touchs on icons
When there is no line separator between two apps, these apps share the same process. Process data appear only once at the bottom.
Data process:
Start date
CPU used (in seconds/milliseconds or hours/minutes/seconds)
Number of threads
Evolution data:
Grey: No change
Black: Changed from last check
Blue: Changed from start of minimalistRun

Traffic data :
Volume of download
Volume of upload
(shared) : data traffic are shared whith other apps
Differential values according chosen option
App label :
Bold: Foreground process. Only hard-stop is effective.
Normal: Backgroud process (or no process) 
with "/!\": There is a process out of control. Can be clean by minimalistRun only on rooted phones.
Red: Process is running
Yellow: app is register in android system but there is no running process 

Touch [Rooted]:
Force-stop appli in soft-stop or hard-stop according parameters

Touch [Not rooted]:
Soft stop or open detail window. This windows contains "force-stop" and "disable" buttons

Long touch [Rooted]:
Disable app

Long touch [Not rooted]:
Open detail window 
Open permissions menu 
Permission menu:
- Grey: Hard stop is allow on multi selection stop
- Yellow : Only kill background process and the app still register into system and can wake up by itself. Choose this mode for alarm clock in use.
- Black : Application not considered for multi selection
Only not rooted
Open detail window 
Only rooted
Long touch:
Disable app
Only rooted
Long touch:
Enable app
List of activities:
Public activity
Private activity: can be launch only on rooted phones
Starter activity
Last launched activity (public)
Last launched activity (private)

Touch on top of cell or on icon:
Mask list.

Touch on an activity button:
Start this activity 

Note: Many activities are not planned to be launched individually, without setting. An error when launching not necessarily mean that there is a bug.

Process details:
- Application name
- Process name where is different from app name
- List of sub-processes for the multi-processes apps
Only rooted
Force kill process (unix kill -9 command)
Select app

Touch selected app:

Unselect app

Long touch:
Select all apps between app touched and last selected app. If no app where selected, select all apps from the top off the list.

Long touch on last selected app:

Cancel selection
Touch :
Cancel selection
Stop all apps selected according stop mode parameter.

Long touch [Not rooted]
Force openning detail window for all selected apps one by one.

Touch when stop in progress:
Cancel stop apps and cancel selection
Grey: Phone is rooted and "SU" program is installed correctly 
Black: Phone is not rooted or there is no program "SU" operational.
Record processes data and exit.

Long touch:
Change exit mode.
Exit without record.

Long touch:
Change exit mode.
stop all applications that have started since the last recording
- Battery charging percentage
- Differential since last record
- Extrapolation total battery capacity

Open battery summary window
- Battery charging percentage
- Differential since last record
Extrapolation charging time remaining

Open battery summary window
Open option menu
Reload all apps. Most recent process first, disabled apps last.
Memory informations
in use
swap free


  1. Bonjour, Merci pour cette application qui me semble utile, mais je trouve vraiment dommage qu'elle ne soit pas traduite en français ��. Pouvez-vous y remédier ?